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Feb 14, 2024

How serious are runaway (or nuclear) verdicts?
Consider this summation from a 2022 article on the topic:
"What happens when you mix major damages, a large corporation, a denial (or half acceptance) of fault, and an angry jury that wants to send a strong message? In the courtroom, the result just might be a colossal verdict.”
The trend toward colossal or runaway/nuclear verdicts, or multi-million or even billion-dollar decisions against insurers, is one phenomenon that gave rise to the Complex Claims & Litigation Forum, an event happening Feb. 26-28, 2024, at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas.
Longtime insurance defense attorney Jeff Vernis is one of the litigation experts who will lend his wisdom to the event program. His workshop will be titled, “How to Roadblock Runaway Verdicts: Tactics to Mitigate Your Risks in Court.”

In this episode of Insurance Speak, Vernis shares what he knows about the development of runaway verdicts and how they impact the economy at large.